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Storage in Wichita

Titan Moving is a full-service moving company that specializes in storage. Our goal is to serve our clients to the best of our ability. Our crew is made up of experienced, professional, polite and friendly movers who can help you transport your items into storage. You won’t need to lift a finger when you hire us as your Wichita moving team.

We Are Always Prepared

It’s hard to find a storage company that you can trust with your furniture and delicate items, but luckily for you, Titan Moving is known for having exceptional service. Our crew is known for being dedicated, diligent and friendly. Our mission relies on ensuring the safety of your most priceless and fragile items. We work quickly too! You won’t need to worry about our movers taking their sweet time or not having the right moving equipment on hand. All of our trucks are fully stocked with dollies, padding and other must-have protective material and transportation gear for larger items like couches, armoires, bed frames and more.

Local and Long-Distance Moving

Are you in the midst of planning a one-way trip or need to temporarily live in a foreign city for work or school? Not sure where you can store your furniture? Titan Moving offers a variety of storage space options in the Wichita area. From tiny little compact rooms for antiques and small items to large-scale ones for appliances, furniture and equipment.

Whether you just need one of our storage containers for a short period of time or an extended one, we can help you out. We’ll come by your office or home and assess the amount of stuff you need stored, so that when moving day comes you will be fully aware and informed on all the details. We offer extremely competitive rates.

A Company You Can Trust

When you hire us, there are no hidden fees or additional charges. We’ll give you a detailed quote on how much the move will cost and the overall monthly rent payment. Titan Moving is an honest and reliable team that takes great pride in the job at hand. All of our dealings and transactions are completely transparent and your valuables are safe with us! When it comes to transporting your household items no one is as careful or dedicated as us. We take our job very seriously and we go above and beyond what is necessary in order to provide our Wichita clients with the best moving services in town.

Secure Storage Units in Wichita

There are plenty of unreliable storage companies out there who are not licensed, bonded or insured. Be vigilant and make sure you only hire a professional company like us for your storing needs. All of our storage compartments are extremely secure and there is surveillance as well. You won’t need to worry about theft when you use Titan Moving as your storage company. If you’re interested in finding out more information, feel free to give us a call today! One of our friendly employees will be happy to discuss rates, options and other details with you!

Climate Controlled Storage Units

When you leave your belongings in one of Titan Moving’s storage units, you need to consider how long it might be there. If there is a possibility that your belongings could be with us for a while, you might to consider acquiring one of our climate controlled storage units. We don’t need to tell you about Wichita’s hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters. The extreme temperatures we live through is tough for us living in Wichita, but do you have any idea of the effect it can have on your belongings?

Constant changes in temperature and humidity obviously can have an adverse effect on wooden furniture, fabrics and other items like electronics. Many modern electronic items contain sophisticated components that are sensitive to environmental conditions like heat and moisture. Leaving a plasma TV in a storage unit that isn’t climate controlled can do permanent damage to the centerpiece of your home entertainment system, even if it’s tightly packed.

The best thing to do to make sure that your belongings are protected from environmental factors is to book one of Titan Moving’s climate controlled storage units. When you reserve one of our climate controlled storage units, you get the same excellent security that we’re known for with additional safeguards against environmental factors your valuables might be otherwise vulnerable against.

While it might not be necessary for short-term rentals, it can be beneficial in the long-run. And it also depends on what you plan on storing. Most items you own have a safe range of temperatures you can keep them in. Most manufactured goods have been designed to be kept in an optimal temperature range, similar to the one in which we live. Some common examples include:

  • • Musical instruments
  • • Artwork
  • • Items powered with a lithium battery

Even though there is no set temperature, personal items like medicines, cosmetics and hair products should not be exposed to extreme heat and cold.

If you plan on storing any wood or leather upholstered furniture, you could benefit from reserving one of Titan Moving’s climate controlled storage units. Leather upholstered and wood furniture can crack and warp if it’s not stored in a climate controlled unit. These are expensive investments, which is why they need to be protected for future use.

Our units are first-come, first-serve and our climate controlled ones are always in high-demand because of the added security against the elements they offer. Give (316) 425-3138 a call today to request a free quote or book yours today. At Titan Moving, we understand that everything you hope to store with us is valuable. It doesn’t matter if it’s monetary or sentimental, both are perfectly valid reasons to take the extra precaution and book one of these special storage units today.

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