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Moving Prices

  • Why should I hire a mover in Wichita?
    Moving can be exhausting. When you hire a Wichita moving company like Titan Moving, you'll get an experienced team committed to moving your items reliably, safely, and efficiently. As trusted movers, we'll ensure your items are safe from start to finish. Let us do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on other important issues!
  • How much does it cost to hire movers?
    Every move is different, so moving prices vary. We estimate jobs according to the complexity of the job, hours involved, and the destination. Titan will take inventory of your belongings, then get you a custom, free estimate for our labor. Remember to budget for packing supplies (moving boxes, furniture wrap, special crating if needed) and potential additional insurance.
  • What methods of payment does Titan Moving accept?
    You can pay for your move at the time of delivery with regular checks, cash or a credit card.
  • I have items that I want to keep, but they won’t fit in my new home. Do you offer storage?
    Yes, Titan Moving offers Wichita storage services! We suggest speaking with your moving coordinator about our storage options. If you're living in a home temporarily or would like to hold on to valuable items but don’t have space in your new home, our storage options might be right for you. We even offer services to retrieve items if you need us to!
  • Should I tip my movers?
    This is a personal preference and by no means should you feel obligated to tip your movers. If your movers did an awesome job and you want to thank them, a guideline to follow is $4-$6 per man, per hour, given directly to the individual in separate payment from the job.


Preparing for a Move

  • When is the best time to move?
    The best time to move is when it's right for you. Some times of the year are busier for moving than others. Summer months (May-September) and the end of each month are usually busier times for moving. However, it is ALWAYS best to book your move as soon as you need to!
  • How far in advance should I schedule my move?
    Planning well is key for your move. You'll need to get a free moving estimate, so you can decide which moving services best fit your budget. Titan Moving understands sometimes planning in advance isn't possible, so we recommend scheduling your move with us as far in advance as possible. It's best to get your moving estimate 5-6 weeks prior to your move date to ensure you get the most convenient day & time for you.
  • I want to pack some items on my own to save money. What should I start on?
    Getting packing done well in advance of your move will make your move far less stressful and save you on labor cost. First, we suggest you create an overnight bag. Box essential items you will need because sometimes clients do not get to their unpacking right away and transport those items yourself. Second, we strongly suggest you color code your boxes with inexpensive strips of duct tape in different colors with 1 strip across the top of each box and matching the colors to rooms. This system allows the movers to know which boxes go into which room at a glance, so they don't have to stop and try to find writing on a box, try to read it or have to stop to ask you questions. It saves time and every minute of time saved equals savings on your final bill. Third, when packing your own boxes, please use a thicker 2 ply box or the strongest boxes you can find. Previously used boxes or thinner boxes usually do not stand up to stacking in the truck and can collapse. Also, please do not overpack your boxes as the seams can split, all boxes, tubs or totes must be closed, pack them all the way to the top because empty space can also cause a collapse, clearly mark your fragile boxes with a separate color strip that stands out, and when using tubs or totes, please remember they must have a lid and to use newer ones as old ones can become brittle. Fourth, we are professional movers, we will disassemble and reassemble most anything you need done, but of course, anything you can have disassembled, staged in one room or in a garage, ready for us to pull up and load, we will drastically save you time and money. We are always happy to do whatever you need us to do though as we are here to provide this service to you. Remember, liability coverage for boxes you pack yourself is not covered under moving industry insurance policies.
  • What can I leave in drawers?
    You can leave your clothing in your dresser drawers during your move. For larger dressers, it is best to partially empty them. Two-drawer filing cabinets can be left full. We suggest emptying the top two drawers of four-drawer filing cabinets.
  • What should I do to prepare my appliances for moving?
    All appliances should be emptied, defrosted, cleaned, and dried before Titan Movers arrive. Before moving, arrange for an electrician and/or plumber to disconnect and prepare your washing machine and dryer, oven, refrigerator, deep freeze, dishwasher, etc. from any gas, electric and/or water connection.
  • Are there items that I need to move myself?
    Titan Moving will not move live items such as people, lamps, and any large ceramic or clay planters, urns, chimineas,pets, perishable items, or hazardous or combustible items (propane tanks, firearms, paint, or aerosols). We also highly recommend you move jewelry and other small valuables, important papers, medical records, money, and prescriptions yourself.
  • What does packing liability coverage include?
    Take note, there is NO liability coverage for boxes you pack yourself. Liability coverage is available to you for professionally packed boxes. If the boxes themselves arrive undamaged, your valuation policy will not cover items damaged inside boxes. If the boxes themselves are damaged or crushed during transport, your valuation policy could be applied to the items inside.


Moving Day

  • What can I expect on moving day?
    On moving day, you can relax and leave all of the heavy lifting to the professional movers at Titan. When your Titan movers arrive, we will conduct a walk-through of your home. This is a good time to let us know what items will be moved, which items will stay, or other directions regarding your items. This also allows the movers to visualize how your belongings will best fit in the truck.
  • What if I haven’t finished packing by my scheduled moving day?
    If you can't complete packing by your moving day, please contact your moving coordinator. Our professional packing services can help you finish packing before or on moving day. Please note this change will add time and additional cost to the estimate previously provided. If you have the flexibility and we have the availability, Titan Moving may be able to push back your move day to allow you more packing time.
  • Should I help the crew pack the truck?
    On moving day, you can let us do all the work! We ask that you let the professional movers at Titan handle the truck loading and unloading. Furniture will be wrapped with pads to protect it from scratches and damage. If necessary, we'll stretch-wrap large items to prevent damage. Once the items are properly protected, they'll be organized and loaded on the truck for efficient unloading. Floor protection is available upon request but not always necessary due to our stringent and safe packing policies.
  • Will the mover arrange my furniture and unpack my boxes at my new home?
    When Titan Moving delivers your items, we'll work closely with you to ensure all furniture and boxes are in the correct rooms. Our team will also arrange the furniture to your specifications. If you requested unpacking services in your estimate with Titan Moving, that will include the opening of boxes, one-time placement of items on a flat surface, and debris removal of unpacked boxes. Unpacking services do not include organization, cleaning, or rearrangement of items.
  • Will the movers set up my appliances?
    Titan Moving will place your appliances in the appropriate place but will not connect them. You should arrange for a professional plumber or electrician as needed to visit your home after move-in day to set up your appliances properly.
  • Do I need to provide lunch for my movers?
    No, you don't need to provide lunch. Our movers usually bring their lunch or find somewhere along the way to eat. If you have water or sports drinks available, they are always appreciated...especially on hot days!
  • What if the weather is bad on my moving day?
    In an effort to protect our moving crews from harm, any conditions such as severe weather that would be deemed unsafe for the crew or transporting may result in a need to reschedule our services. In order to keep costs down when snow or ice occurs, we suggest you shovel or clear access ways in preparation for our arrival.

Packing, Delivery, & Storage Services

Packing Services

Need help with packing? Titan can help! We use cartons, paper, bubble wrap, micro-foam, plastic wrap & moving pads to protect your items.

Load & Unload services

Don’t sweat the big stuff! Titan Moving provides loading & unloading services for furniture or other items. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

White Glove Services

“White glove” means our team will handle your items with extreme care, as if they were delicate and valuable objects, like a pair of white gloves.

Storage Services

Titan offers short-term & long-term pod and storage needs. We’ll keep your items safe & can even retrieve specific items if needed before your move!

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