Logistics Specialist

Andrew is 22 years old and a current WSU nursing student from Andover, KS.

Although Andrew is new to the moving industry, he came on board with the best go-getter attitude a moving company prefers! He was motivated to join the team and learn as much as he could as fast as he could. He was promoted quickly from a runner, to a stacker, and onto a driver/lead. He excels in professional customer service skills and is a real team player.

Although Andrew is new to the moving industry, his time spent as a college student and everyday life have molded him into an exceptional individual with a strong sense of self, determination, and fortitude in pursuing the vision for his life.

Andrew is a very focused young man with his goals always in front of him. His attention to detail is impeccable. We have no doubt he will excel in the nursing field once graduates from WSU!

Andrew desires to finish his degree at WSU and then attend nursing school in order to earn his RN and BSN, with the overall career goal of becoming an ER and travel nurse.

Andrew’s hobbies are swimming, bodybuilding, fishing, reading, and gaming.

Andrew’s favorite sports teams are the Wichita Shockers basketball team and the Kansas City Chiefs
football team. His favorite things are his 2 Weiner dogs, his mom’s baking, and spending Thanksgiving
Day with his family.

What Do You Like About Working for Titan Moving?
Andrew enjoys each day being a different scenario, the satisfaction he feels from the physical work of the job (he loves the endurance and strength building it creates), receiving tips from clients (because it represents an appreciation and recognition of the hard work he puts into every job), and visiting different homes and cities.

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