Customer Management Specialist

Angela was born in Missouri and lived in Florida and Texas as a child with her mom and stepdad, who was in the US Navy. She then returned to Missouri where she grew up. She has a son, Christopher, who is a 38-year-old US Army Ranger Combat Medic stationed with his wife and Ms. Angela’s granddaughter in Germany. She also has a daughter, Kelsey, who is 30 and pursuing business management.

Angela married and became a mother and US Army military wife at a very young age. She and her family were stationed in Ft Gordon, GA where Christopher was born, and later at Ft. Stewart, GA, and Ft. Benning, GA. She excelled at being a military wife finding herself involved in numerous committees because she loved the sense of community, and the common bond military families share with one another. Although she worked as needed for her family in the field of customer service and could have chosen to pursue a career, she chose instead to be a stay-at-home wife and mother as much as possible.

During Desert Storm as a sergeant’s wife, she assumed the critical role of supporting and serving enlisted members’ wives and families through very difficult times. This is when Angela realized she needed a God who could keep her own family safe through the war – and she became a Christian. After Desert Storm, she and her family received orders to a NATO Command Base in Lisbon, Portugal for 4 years where her daughter, Kelsey, was born.

She continued serving military families via participation in various on base committees, played on the all-women’s NATO softball team, and worked in customer service at the Lisbon Embassy. Living off base in the Portuguese community, Angela and her family fell in love with the people and the country. Angela’s life experience has afforded her the wonderful opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, giving her a heart for people and their families. She and her family returned to the states, and their days in the military ended with an early retirement after 15 years of service. Angela then worked as a homeschool mother to her children.

Unfortunately, Angela’s marriage also ended in divorce shortly after returning to the US. Everything she loved in her life changed and she found herself as a single mother for the next 20 years. Although Angela never finished high school due to becoming a wife and a mother at a young age, her heart still yearned to help other families stay together, especially after watching the detrimental effects of divorce on her own family, so she went back to school.

She enrolled in college at Missouri State University. Determined to have a “do over” regarding her education and with her love for marriage and families, she pursued a degree majoring in Psychology and minoring in Family and Child Development with the hopes of securing her licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Angela graduated MSU in 2015 with honors and her degree in hand. While in college, Angela also studied Interior Design which appealed to her highly creative personality.

Immediately after graduation Angela became a caseworker for adult mental health clients and transitioned into substitute teaching while waiting for the next step to her career path. During this time, she met Bryan who owns Titan Moving. Her life experience of working with and caring for families, a strong employment history of customer service, a background of traveling and moving herself many times throughout the years, and her love for all things interior fit perfectly into working with families in transition. She helped Titan Moving grow from an owner and his crew with a small lot, into a business with an office manager, staff, and an office building with a warehouse. She has been an asset to Titan with her people and organizational skills.

Although Angela loves working with both clients and crew at Titan Moving – as the office manager, she discovered she truly enjoys the creative side of running a business in regard to marketing and networking to meet new people and families. She wants to launch into these areas using her skills to help Titan continue to grow by leaps and bounds in the Wichita area and across the nation.

Angela enjoys hobbies such as baking and creative cooking, biking, working in the garden, interior decorating, water sports, volleyball, hiking, and home projects. She also loves serving her community.

Angela’s favorite things are attending Bible studies and potlucks with friends, traveling to experience the sites, people, food and culture of other cities, and spending time making quality memories with family.

What Do You Like About Working for Titan Moving?
Angela is our “work mom.” She loves working with the crew and finding ways to support them because she knows how much they give of themselves every day.

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