Logistics Specialist

Jameslee hails from Winfield, KS where his family still lives. He has been a member of the Armed Forces for the last 10 years. We thank him for his service to his country and deeply appreciate his sacrifices.

Jameslee serves in the National Guard. We love it when we have military employees because we know they are well versed in many areas that are a huge asset to companies. Often, they stand out in areas of discipline, fortitude, structure, respecting others, strong leadership skills, multifaceted abilities, understanding company structure and following orders, diversity exposure and a wealth of life experience. Jameslee exemplifies all these wonderful characteristics and more.

Jameslee continues and desires to continue to serve his country proudly in the National Guard.

Jameslee’s hobbies are working out, mechanics, and handyman work.

Jameslee’s most favorite things are spending time with his family and traveling to explore new places, the people and the culture.

What Do You Like About Working for Titan Moving?
Jameslee enjoys being part of the relief for clients during a move so they can sit back and relax knowing we are taking care of everything for them.

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