Lead Field Specialist

Justin is a single dad with one son. His father lives here in Kansas and is a master BBQ competitor and his mother along with his siblings live in Kentucky.

Justin grew up in Kentucky and was raised with southern family values and etiquette often missing in today’s society. He will call you “ma’am” and “sir.” As a foreman, Justin watches over his crew to ensure they are treated fairly. He stands up for what he believes is right in a given situation and treating others how he would want his own family treated. His life experience has given him knowledge and experience in many different areas of life such as landscaping, contractor work, mechanical aptitude, and more.

Justin has 10 years of solid moving experience with national van line companies. He started at the bottom as a “runner” running boxes, then progressed quickly to a mover, and onto a loader. Justin has been with Titan Moving for 3 years. He began as a lead mover/driver with us and immediately became an asset to the company due to his high standard of protection measures. Justin will go the extra mile for clients to give great customer service, giving completely of himself in all kinds of weather, tight situations, and fits as much as possible onto 1 truck instead of 2 to save our clients money and time. We have received and continue to receive many compliments from clients stating, “Justin KNOWS his job well!”

Justin’s goals are to continue to excel in the moving industry or in whatever choices he makes in the future regarding his career in order to provide the best life for him and his son.

Justin has several hobbies he enjoys such as fishing, camping, gardening, BBQ/Smoking, and spending whatever free time he has with his son.

Justin is still a Kentucky boy at heart! He loves watching the Kentucky Wildcats! His favorite football team is the Kansas City Chiefs. His favorite food is of course BBQ as it seems to run in his family. He enjoys working on landscaping projects.

What Do You Like About Working for Titan Moving?
Justin loves the challenge of a move; what we call in our industry “playing Tetris.” He enjoys the comradery of the crew and a job well done with happy clients!

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