Senior Move Experience Specialist

Stephanie is a single mother of 5 children. Stephanie is originally from Mission Viejo, CA but grew up in Towanda, KS, and then relocated to Wichita, KS.

Stephanie graduated from Butler Community College in 1999 and pursued a major in fine arts. In her pursuit, she discovered she had a passion for graphic design. While waiting for doors to open to her in the graphic arts field, Stephanie discovered the moving industry. She has 8 years of experience in this industry ranging from packing, to moving, to senior move managing which includes assisting with rightsizing, organizing, creating floor plans, and sales. She has been a part of the Titan Moving team for over a year now.

Stephanie’s goals are to continue to work to provide a good life for herself and her children, but also to find her path into the creative visual arts field that she is deeply passionate about.

Stephanie’s creative nature led her to hobbies as a freelance artist in photography, crafting, portrait artistry, and screen printing.

Some of Stephanie’s favorite things to do are watching movies, going to concerts, cooking, and she loves all genres of music.

What Do You Like About Working for Titan Moving?
Stephanie enjoys working at Titan Moving because she loves problem solving, helping people, and the variety of the day-to-day tasks. Some days she’s packing and other days she’s in the office, others she’s moving, and other days she’s organizing. She finds satisfaction in completing short-term goals and the sense of accomplishment after each completed job as well as the hustle required to get the jobs done quickly and efficiently.

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