Assistant HR Specialist

Tatianna is 23 years old and is a recent 2022 Stephens College graduate with a BS in Business Management; emphasis on entrepreneurship and strategic communication.

Tatianna is currently working on building her own clothing line company. Her goal is to create a unique clothing line tailored to highlight individual personalities and qualities with a mission to build up the confidence of her clientele.

Tatianna’s hobbies include recreational shooting ranges and challenging herself to become proficient in accuracy and speed. She is also an assistant coach for the Kansas Nitro 16B softball team.

Tatianna enjoys trying new recipes as she loves to cook. She loves spending time with her family during her free time. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because she gets to spend quality time with her family, traveling to different countries, and experiencing different cultures.

What Do You Like About Working for Titan Moving?
Tatianna enjoys reading the positive reviews we receive from our wonderful clients!

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